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mikaerayohiko's Journal

Mikaera Yohiko
I'm a Filipina and lived as one up to now in my mother land. I speak different languages but mostly its basic since I only have time to study it myself and most of the time I'm busy in school or art stuffs or just sleeping since I like to sleep a lot. Plus I'm exercising A LOT--does aerobic, jogging, basketball, volleyball and dancing in tune of lucifer in A DAY. All of that. I like moving a lot and I can't stay put most of the time unless you're talking about chores I'm a lazy bum doing them and I suck at it. I'm not clumsy but I can assure you that you'd rather had me step aside than helping you clean something.

I like Dong Bang Shin Ki and I think they're the best Korean boy group ever created by SME, up to now if they didn't have to disband and go separate ways. I was all heartbroken when it happened but SHINee came a long and so I got back to liking Korean Pop. (I like groups who's good in dancing and doing live)

I'm a horrid freak for loving weird Kpop pairings-totally the reason why I existed here. I forgot my previous account so whatever. Haha I'll flood love for people who write for my favorite pairings.. let's get married!!! hahaha ~ well that's me, now you know! *passes out*

sorry for that hyped up everything. -my nature-

I like these pairs just so you know :)
Jaejoong x Changmin (soulfighter, JaeMin, One-touch)
Onew x Minho (OnHo, MiNew, secret line, Tofuho)
Jaejoong x Yoochun (JaeChun)
Onew x Taecyeon (OnTaec)
Jaejoong x Onew (JaeKi, OnJae, JaeNew)* recently
ChangMin x Onew (ChangNew)*recently

Biases: I think it's obvious :P but here yah go: Jaejoong, Changmin and Onew

Music wise, I'm into all types of genre except trots and country music(not all). :P but I don't hate them ^^

I'm Bipolar xDD hahaha