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Feels like summer (Pair: KenBin ; WC: 635)

Jaehwan doesn’t exactly remember when it started but it might be that one summer when Hongbin decided to drop by his home, only a day before their vacation ends. They hangout for a movie night with no particular movie in mind—they just played whatever was available in Jaehwan’s stash of DVDs and VCDs. They started laughing at one movie then Jaehwan started crying on the next while Hongbin laughed at him, they started laughing again and then ends up crying together after watching Hachiko. From his brother’s eyes who happens to check on them, they looked like deranged teenagers who needed some help. He also relayed their dad’s threat to use his hunting rifle to shut them both up in three am in the morning. The two only laughed but tucked themselves in Jaehwan’s cramped bed because of a certain person who refuses to use the futon.

The room is illuminated by the street lamp close to Jaehwan’s window so they still see each other’s expressionclearly. Their lips quiver as seconds passed by until they caught glimpse of each other. Simultaneously, they remembered Jaehwan’s brother’s words and started laughing again. Since they needed to be quiet, they covered their mouths with their hands to tone it down the best they could. Jaehwan does it poorly that he had to sit up on his knees to catch his breath in between his laughters. Hongbin on the other hand made himself comfortable, taking more space in the bed while laughing inaudibly. Jaehwan looks down on him, noticing what he did but started laughing even harder when their gazes meet. His head falls naturally on Hongbin’s stomach where the younger’s laughter vibrates on his head. They only halted when someone banged—kicked the door and warned them to go to bed or else.  Jaehwan’s dad and his eldest brother sound alike so they don’t know who it was but they shut up anyway and lay back down listening to each other’s breath.

A few minutes after, Jaehwan tosses and turns on the cramped bed, trying to make more space for him as well as sleep. He knocks his head on the younger’s chin accidentally and it earned him a light smack on the head. He complains about the space and Hongbin moves closely to the wall before pulling Jaehwan close to his chest. There was now enough room for them.

“Your heart is going to explode.” Jaehwan snickered hearing the younger’s heart thumping loudly. Hongbin only clears his throat and it vibrated in his ears. “dugeun, dugeun—“

“Hyung,” Hongbin whispers lowly over Jaehwan, lips grazing the shell of the older lad’s ear before finding its way to his full lips. Jaehwan’s hand instantly goes over his chest to push him away in reflex but Hongbin's full weight pressed him down in place as he continues assault his unsuspecting lips. Jaehwan gradually finds himself kissing back and crumpling Hongbin’s shirt as the younger finds his hand on his nape to taste more of him—them.

Up to this moment where they met in an empty to dorm, their lips meeting teasingly in the dark and hands clumsily removing the hindering clothes that separate their bodies from each other, Jaehwan has failed to remember where exactly it started. He just remembered how hot his body felt against Hongbin’s and how it was so much better than re-watching movies that made him laugh and cry. After all, being in one flesh with Hongbin also made him cry countless of times but he’s more than willing to do it again and again.

“It was winter hyung,” Hongbin later told him when he finally remembers to ask. Jaehwan chuckles upon the realization while Hongbin traces the dip of his back bone.

“Well, it felt like summer,” Jaehwan mumbles kissing Hongbin’s chin.

Glasses (Pair: KEo; WC: 1583)

There was no one in the dorm as expected when they arrived. Everyone took a day break to visit their families or go out with their friends who lived close by. It would’ve been a good choice because they needed that break but Taekwoon had been eyeing him the whole time, making his stomach churn from a different type of hunger.

Jaehwan didn’t mind when the older drags him in one of the rooms—he couldn’t see well because he decided to remove his contacts earlier to take a nap in the van—before he can even take his other shoe off. He whines a little about manners but Taekwoon glared at him and he sighed in the defeat.

“You are really going to be like this?” Jaehwan pulls his hand forcefully from the older lad’s hold impersonating his ahjumma self. He poked his head outside and threw his shoe haphazardly back in the entrance. It landed right next to its match.

“Hyung, look! It landed–Ow!” he winces when Taekwoon, pulls him back in and pinned him  harshly on the door.

“We only have a night and a day to do this,” Taekwoon finally speaks, eyes darker than it should. Jaehwan doesn’t notice of course.

“Yeah and that means a whole day tomorrow!” Jaehwan justified, pouting.

“Can you walk normally after it? It’s been awhile,” Taekwoon hesitates, hands now slipping down Jaehwan’s waist. He feels the younger tremble slightly.

Jaehwan shakes his head knowingly, a blush from embarrassment obvious on his cheeks. Taekwoon kisses it to make it even more prominent.

“You are cute,”

“Please, everyone knows that,” Jaehwan chuckles. Taekwoon leans in for another kiss but Jaehwan just stopped him. “I think I need my glasses,”

Taekwoon doesn’t say a word. He lets Jaehwan go for a moment and watches him find a pair he likes as if it will stay on the whole time. Honestly, he likes the younger lad in glasses when they make love. There’s something so erotic about it. Plus it’s a lot safer than contacts to which he might fall asleep on.

“Which one do you think works today?”

“It’s not gonna be there the whole time,” he voiced his previous thoughts out.

“Just pick one,” Jaehwan insists with a pout.


“Pick one!”

“This,” Taekwoon grabs the red rimmed ones and shove it to the younger’s face before dragging him down to the mattress he poorly placed earlier. Jaehwan was wasting time and Taekwoon is at his limits.

Jaehwan looks up, surprised but somewhat expecting. He matches Taekwoon’s ragged breathing after a much heated kiss he planted shortly, lips stinging with the abuse. It has been awhile since they did it and they’re not even sure why they did it the first time. It suddenly happened. It was just like this, they happen to find themselves alone inside the dorm. Jaehwan and Taekwoon decided that staying in the dorm will give them more of their needed rest than being on the road back to their hometown for a short visit. At some point, they find themselves meeting half way inside their shared room, hesitant kisses turning into hungry and needy ones, curious hands travel down their bodies to remove their hindering clothes, bare bodies moving against each other causing delightful friction that sends them off the edge until they got more fired up in exploring more of each other’s body and satisfying themselves by being one in flesh. Today won’t be that big of a difference, they both knew, but instead of taking time to explore, there will be a lot more of satisfying each other’s suppressed needs.

“Hn…hyung,” Jaehwan whines as Taekwoon rubs their members together slowly. The younger encircles his legs around his waist tightly asking for more friction. “Ah… touch me more,”

Taekwoon bites his lips on the request. He was trying his best to savor the moment even to his own impatience to make sure Jaehwan completely feels good before going through the knowing pain that will come later. He was really worried about that. He knows it hurts and once he even suggested that they can change position even he truthfully didn’t want to. The good thing though, Jaehwan strongly disapproves on doing it any other way as well.

“Ah!” Jaehwan moans loudly as Taekwoon moved away and guided his hand down his cock and starts pumping it. Taekwoon studies Jaehwan’s face that almost matched the color of the specs he was wearing. It was really crumbling his composure to continue preparing Jaehwan for the worse. The older tries to resort to biting his lips again for distraction but it bled in the process startling the younger whom happens to look at him.

“Hyung!” Jaehwan almost kicked him in the process when he sits up clumsily.

“It’s fine—“

“I’ll be fine,” Jaehwan smiles lovingly and slowly pushes the older back down the mattress. “Don’t hold back now,”

Taekwoon pulls Jaehwan for another kiss. It still held the same need and hunger for each other but entails a more passionate and slow sensual tango of the tongue.  Taekwoon of course dominated the kiss as Jaehwan slowly drops of his pace from the lack of air.

“I’m… not a swimmer,” Jaehwan pulls away, catching his breath. Taekwoon didn’t know if he was trying to joke but he found that one funny.

“I can always teach you how to swim—”

“No thank you. That’s pretty dangerous,” Jaehwan smirks knowingly as Taekwoon’s face reflected a completely different idea in his mind that only the younger would know, anytime of the freaking day. “You’re way too horny,”

Jaehwan points out and Taekwoon smirks as well before hovering above Jaehwan again who whines from the sudden lost of skin to skin contact. The younger trembles as the older quietly burns invisible holes on his exposed body. Taekwoon lowers down, lifting Jaehwan’s arms over his head and tracing the younger’s upper body with his tongue. Jaehwan moans helplessly under Taekwoon who continues south down to his erect member.

The last time they did all this was exactly after their goodbye stage performance for On & On where Taekwoon sported a red hair and him with black. They did it more frequently then, almost getting caught in the practice booths and backstage dressing rooms. It led them to stop their sexual escapades for awhile because of the risk. Hyde promotions came and it became harder to control ones sexual urges and Taekwoon who usually had trouble on keeping his hands off of the younger suddenly strongly disapproves of their contact. In his defense, he was just trying to avoid pouncing on a scantily clad cute main vocal of the group in public. The most contact he had with Jaehwan then was their stage performances and dry rehearsals which was the reason for his tension filled performance that he was commented positively on—if only they knew the real reason behind it.

“Just go…” Jaehwan says breathlessly on his neck when he stopped half way.

“I’m coming then,” Taekwoon says with a blush tainting his pale cheeks. He positions his cock close to Jaehwan’s stretched entrance, lifting the younger’s legs over his shoulder and bending closer.

Jaehwan mewls when he enters and bites the back of his hand that Taekwoon swiftly replaces with his mouth, hoping that his kisses will help distract the younger lad from the pain. Jaehwan kisses back weakly and claws on his back when the he fills him whole.

“Jaehwan-ah…” Taekwoon calls gently as he starts slowly pushing and pulling inside of him. He can feel the muscles tight around his shaft and the pleasure builds up on his stomach, making him growl in ecstasy.

“Move faster, Taekwoon-ah” Jaehwan whispers almost too sensually against the older’s sensitive ears that completely smashed all that was left of Taekwoon’s self control. He slams in hard, already hitting the bundle of nerves that assured his actions pleasurable even to the younger.


Taekwoon’s eyes were hooded, heavy with lust and his whole body and mind only knew and needed Jaehwan that moment. He thrusts in him sharp and immediate, sound of skin hitting skin echoes inside the room along with their names chanted to put each other deeply under a spell.  Euphoria was evident on their united voice, howling each other’s name for the last time before reaching their climax. It was shortly evened out by breathless moans from the afterglow.

Jaehwan, still panting, twirls a strand of Taekwoon’s hair with his index finger. “Stay in,”

Taekwoon kisses his heaving chest with a reply. “I wasn’t planning to pull out,”

The younger laughs a little, kissing his hair and humming to an unknown tune of a lullaby. “I managed to keep it on,”

Taekwoon lifts himself up to face the younger a little surprised and amused. The glasses were still there miraculously. It was still blending on the younger's flushed cheeks, complementing his tired yet satisfied look. Taekwoon cracked a smirk on his thin lips, chuckling lowly that Jaehwan knew wasn’t intended for comprehending a humor. “Let’s see how long it can stay there,”

“You’re too much,” Jaehwan only whines, licking his bottom lip, as he gets yanked in a sitting position with Taekwoon. He moans over the feeling of his member squeezed in between their abdomen and the twitch that Taekwoon’s member did inside of him.

“It’s because of you,” Taekwoon whispers, sucking on his clavicle to leave a bite mark. “You are too much.”

A/N: Errr... I posted this originally in my AFF... it's a collection and it's under a privacy so you have to be subscribers of the fic before you read it... ;w; so I just posted two of it here. :'3 shameless sharing of my rated fics..... that I'm not really good that.... //bricks// anyway. I wanted to share a fanfic for VIXX today so yeah. It's been awhile since I posted anything in LJ anyway... might as well.. @_@... If you are from AFF though, the titles will redirect you there. ... I know my theme is kind off dark... so I apologize for that as well. ///boob squeeze// <----//bricked///

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Writer's Block: Practically amazing

If you could have a power that helps you with day-to-day living, like the ability to always get a seat on the bus, what would choose, and why?

The ability to teleport everywhere. I like cramming and I'm going back and forth from home to school, so I'm tired and I have a lot of things to do--I'm a pre-med student, not obvious but hell yeah I am--. I'm active in school activities too and I'm overloading some subject. I'll beat the hell out of super man if I get a chance but Oh well. Yeah I guess getting the ability to teleport to places I need to go will be very much helpful LIKE REALLY!



asdsa.d;askd;akd;akd;asdk;adk D8 I just won the commission contest for Jang Geun Suk-ssi. But that's not what I am happy about!!! I'm freakin' happy because >o< He'll receive it!! eventually!!! I has PROOF XDDDDDDD <----fan girling for a different person this time but yeah 8D just... gahhh!!!..........//flails forever
Click here to see my entry art
the box prepared by my commissioner. She's from Malaysia 8'> we're from neighboring countries! yus!

Staff getting a hold of the box 8D

The box in the fans' gift box~~<3 Oh my gosh <---killed me also with that damn poster too!!

go fly my dear artwork 8'> ~~~~~~~~ I wish someone ask to commission Jinki for a fan meeting 8'> or I can do that myself and send it to him!!! //shot


I'll be out today to go to 2NE1's concert "The Party"!!! YEY!!

8D bought new clothes and all that crap going on and might do an art later just in case I sneak in backstage <---wish that would actually happen //flails forever:~~~~<3

I'm so happy
~ I am once again 8D gonna puke rainbows!!!!<3


Fanart: Lee Jinki

Woo drew Jinki BB because I feel awesome last night-I was sick  o_o. Will draw Minho soon enough but maybe different style again. I have too many
references. O_O Oh, sorry if the quality is rubbish because that's from my dad's phone. And that's the best it can get.// flails

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